Our current roster of charlatans. 

Yusong Liu ('17)

Yusong Liu is a senior majoring in English. He thought that'd be cool and that it'd help him get a girlfriend but it didn't. He also likes doing stand-up, writing plays, and holding hands with someone with hazel eyes.  Watch him grasp for love in Cooking For One.


Dave Lingenbrink is a third year PhD student in Operations Research.  He probably should spend more time on that, but hey, it's college (it's not).  He usually uses sketch comedy as his fun fact, but it's useless here.  His proudest achievement is probably making Our Place In The Stars.

Deborah Poznansky ('18)

Deborah Poznansky is a junior majoring in food science. Her mom didn't write this bio, but if she had, it would note that: she has two parents who love her, she enjoys a good laugh, and she used to be so good at the piano and really should keep up her practicing. Have you eaten lunch yet? Don't forget to eat lunch.  Deborah goes insane on stage in Two Doors.

Jason Michelson ('19)

Jason Michelson is a sophomore at ILR, although he admits that he’s not really sure what ILR stands for.  He aspires to be a stay at home husband, and plans to minor in creative writing or philosophy in hopes of pursuing that.  Hailing from Long Island, New York, he enjoys nature, the beach, and desperately trying to make people laugh at all costs, like he does in Boxing.

Polly Feldman ('17)

Polly is a senior majoring in ILR, with a minor in ESS. She enjoys petting cute animals and eating pesto. Conversation lulls stress her out immensely. Watch her struggle with self-identity in Real People, Not Actors.

Willow Hubsher ('18)

Willow Hubsher is a junior studying ILR and communications. After graduation, Willow aspires to go to law school, become a successful stand-up comedian, or marry an investment banker. In her free time, Willow likes to paint her nails. They look really impressive.  Watch her negotiate a piggy back ride in Bury Me.

Nina leeds ('19)

Nina Leeds is a Sophomore ILR major from Queens, NY. She loves belting musical theater songs and talking about how amazing NYC pizza is. (It’s because of the water!) Watch her combine her two seemingly unrelated loves, comedy and human resources, in You’re Obviously Fired.

Jonas Kim ('19)

Jonas is a sophomore in the college of engineering. He hopes that he is a friendly and approachable person and that everyone takes a liking to him. He really just wants friends.  Check him out in Army.


Annie KlINE ('20)

Annie Kline is a freshman majoring in history from Long Island, New York. She’s a fan of ‘90’s music, peanut butter candy, and hugs. She’s a bit of an old soul but also likes to think she’s got some cool in her. However, her mom tells her otherwise (about the cool part). See her get unnecessarily competitive in Dead Grandpas.



*In the above, a grey-scale picture does not indicate that person has passed away.  Sorry for any confusion this caused.